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Colbert Invites Discourages More Remixing

Open Culture

After discovering the dozens of unauthorized and possibly infringing remix videos that resulted from his adamant calls not to remix his interview with CC founder, Lawrence Lessig, Stephen Colbert is mad. He’s so mad he featured a new segment and music video challenging fans not to remix his show any more. He reiterated this demand…

Lessig/Colbert remixes on ccMixter

Open Culture

CC founder Lawrence Lessig appeared on the Colbert Report last Thursday talking about his latest book, REMIX. The segment was great, and hilarious, as is typical for Colbert — and double plus fun for copyright geeks and activists, as Colbert challenged the audience to not remix the interview “with some great dance beat, and then…

Lawrence Lessig on Colbert Report Tonight


Creative Commons’ founder, Lawrence Lessig has been recently talking about his new book, REMIX but tonight he’ll be appearing as the special guest on The Colbert Report, airing on Comedy Central at 11:30pm / 10:30c. More information available on Colbert Nation, and streaming video of show should be available tomorrow, so keep an eye on…