Lawrence Lessig on Colbert Report Tonight

Creative Commons’ founder, Lawrence Lessig has been recently talking about his new book, REMIX but tonight he’ll be appearing as the special guest on The Colbert Report, airing on Comedy Central at 11:30pm / 10:30c.

More information available on Colbert Nation, and streaming video of show should be available tomorrow, so keep an eye on our twitter and accounts for links.

UPDATE: Here’s the streaming video of Larry’s appearance last night.

8 thoughts on “Lawrence Lessig on Colbert Report Tonight”

  1. This was such a thought provoking and pertinent interview! I spend quite a bit of time on a site called Indaba Music closes the gap that distance creates, and I just saw that they are taking up the Colbert challenge!!!! Reminiscent of the green screen challenge anyone?!?!? Check it out! Its awesome (and hilarious!), basically a whole barrel of fun!

    Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and its free. The deadline for remixes is January 22nd (!) if you want to participate come on over!!!


  2. Check out Lessig’s end-of-Remix-book-tour interview. Talks about Colbert and what’s next for his research.

    Full length:

  3. unfortunately as a Canadian, I cannot watch this video, I did go to Colbert Nation and it told me that I had to go to to see the video, however doesn’t have the video

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