An Island: CC-Licensed Film, Public-Private Screenings Announced

Music and film lovers take note – An Island, a beautiful new film by Vincent Moon featuring Danish band Efterklang, is very quickly nearing public release. A new teaser for the film was released today along with an announcement describing the “Private-Public Screenings” of the film: Efterklang and Vincent Moon welcome all our listeners and … Read More “An Island: CC-Licensed Film, Public-Private Screenings Announced”

Vincent Moon

Vincent Moon by Brantley Gutierrez / CC BY Filmmaker and artist Vincent Moon first gained notoriety with his verité style performance pieces for French music blog La Blogotheque. Over the past five years his creative output has been prolific, releasing music documentaries that range from impromptu performance Take Away Shows to event-based projects like Temporary … Read More “Vincent Moon”