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The Craft Economy: Stapling CC Licences Through Out Toronto


The Craft Economy, an indie band out of Toronto, have recently (and rightfully) garnered some internet fame for their unique approach to content distribution. From Torontoist:

If you dig free stuff and you happen to be walking through Kensington Market or Queen West this week, local band The Craft Economy have burned a hundred copies of their debut EP All On C and stapled them to hydro poles as a way of promoting their upcoming show. All On C is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. That means whether you rip it off the Internet, or a pole, or even—we hasten to say it—purchase it (if you’re old-fashioned like that), you can copy, distribute and remix it in any way you like so long as you attribute the original work to the band and share your work in a similar fashion.

By using CC-licences, The Craft Economy were able to gain traction that would otherwise be very difficult for a group of their size. They promoted the free sharing of their music, and in doing so, got blogged about on a variety of sites, including BoingBoing. Since then, they have had their songs downloaded over 7,000 times in two days, a remarkable number indeed.

Not only do The Craft Economy have a great sense for getting their name out there, there music is awesome as well. Be sure to check out their myspace page where you can download their EP for free and then mix/mash/share it in any way you see fit.

UPDATE: The Craft Economy EP All On C is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA as opposed to a CC BY-SA license as quoted from Torontoist. This means that while you can still copy, distribute, and remix their songs, you must make sure the derivative work is noncommercial.(Thanks Andreas!)

Posted 21 September 2007