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Tune Rooms


Tune Rooms is “a music company that was created for Musicians and Music Fans alike” that aims to “enable music collaboration, promotion, and distribution on your terms.” This is accomplished through the use of ‘tune rooms’ in which users can upload different ideas, song sketches, and the like to the Tune Rooms webspace and allow others contribute to the song by adding new tracks. These ‘tune rooms’ are created in conjunction with musician profiles, blogs, and a variety of other Web 2.0 goodness.

Tune Rooms allows users to CC license their works, featuring the license prominently on each composition. To easily facilitate collaboration, users can choose from BY, BY-NC, and BY-SA licences, all of which allow the original work to be modified. CC licences make this type of collaboration possible by providing a legal framework for Tune Rooms to operate under – users’ works become fluid and malleable by using CC licences, something that is key to Tune Rooms’ focus on online collaboration.

If the promise of an exciting new platform for online music collaboration wasn’t enough to get you interested in Tune Rooms, they’re are also throwing a contest over the coming month with a grand prize of $1,000 in Musician’s Friend gift certificates. In order to be eligible, you must have a submission that includes three other Tune Rooms musicians and have your entry in by June 9th, with the winner decided on June 16th.

Posted 12 May 2008