Indaba Music Team Up With Third Eye Blind

Exciting news from Indaba Music – alternative rock band Third Eye Blind have teamed up with the former Featured Commoner to offer fans of the band, and Indaba members, increased interaction with the band’s music and writing process. 3EB will posting unfinished song stems to the community site, allowing members to take the stems, reuse/remix them, and post them as CC BY-NC-ND licensed reworkings (somewhat similar to our Copyright Criminals contest).

To be clear the 3EB tracks are not CC-licensed, but CC licenses will allow Indaba members the ability to spread their creations in a non-commercial setting and experiment with 3EB’s material before it is released. Similarly, 3EB gains a means to collaborate with their fans in a way that is unique and more personal. The best material resulting from this collaboration will go on a companion album to be released alongside the band’s album sometime next year. From Indaba:

Here’s the deal. As 3EB finishes laying down tracks, the band will post unmixed instrument stems for you to tweak, shape, and edit through a series of contests. They want to hear your vision for their songs. The first track, “Non-Dairy Creamer,” is already available for you to work on!

Through a regular blog that chronicles their experience of creating an album, access to the unmixed stems and the dialogue among Indaba members, you’ll have the chance to watch the group develop their artistic concept.

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  1. This is cool! It’s good to see that more and more of these promotions are coming out. But, seemingly only bands/companies with the right resources can pull this off.

    We’ve been developing a widget over at MixMatchMusic that lets any band host a remix promotion. Bands setup and customize the free widget and deploy it on their various webpages. Then, fans can make remixes in the widget’s online sequencer or can download the stems for mixing in their DAW. Either way, remixes are uploaded to the widget for others to play, vote on and share. Best thing is, any band can grab it (no tech team required) and host a remix promotion! Check it out at

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