Phlow Magazine Releases "Nivel del Mar", Free CC-Licensed Netlabel Compilation

Phlow Magazine, a weblog about netlabel music culture, recently celebrated their one year anniversary by releasing Nivel del Mar, a free compilation of CC BY-NC-ND licensed tracks from various netlabels. Clocking in at one hour, 22 minutes, and 55 seconds (epic), Nivel del Mar is described as a ‘chill out compilation’ that aims to feature the the best sounds of netlabel culture. You can download it here for free.

Outside of reporting on netlabel culture, Phlow Magazine produces a podcast and has a huge archive of CC-licensed tunes available on their site.

2 thoughts on “Phlow Magazine Releases "Nivel del Mar", Free CC-Licensed Netlabel Compilation”

  1. I love music and I love you guys that you pushed me into this lovely magazine. the only thing what’s missing is more rock music. are there not more netlabels to check out for cc rock music?

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