December CC Music Happenings

Three stories from the Creative Commons music world came across our radar recently, each showcasing a different facet of how our licenses are used to expose artists, encourage collaboration, and promote commercial avenues for freely-licensed works. First comes news today that The Everybody, a new project from Joey Santiago and David Lovering (guitarist and drummer … Read More “December CC Music Happenings”

Phlow Magazine Releases "Nivel del Mar", Free CC-Licensed Netlabel Compilation

Phlow Magazine, a weblog about netlabel music culture, recently celebrated their one year anniversary by releasing Nivel del Mar, a free compilation of CC BY-NC-ND licensed tracks from various netlabels. Clocking in at one hour, 22 minutes, and 55 seconds (epic), Nivel del Mar is described as a ‘chill out compilation’ that aims to feature … Read More “Phlow Magazine Releases "Nivel del Mar", Free CC-Licensed Netlabel Compilation”