Dopplr Launches Autogenerated City Profiles

The team at the travel community Dopplr has launched an autogenerative tool that magically creates city profiles utilizinginteresting” Flickr photos licensed under our free licenses.

Dopplr has aggregated thousands of travelers data and photos to create compelling pages that have autogenerated content. These pages expose fascinating trends of travelers visiting different cities. Take a look at Black Rock City’s profile:

The spike is from the famous Burning Man festival that happens at the end of the summer, and the photo is from brainsik’s flickr.

By utilizing our Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike licenses, Dopplr has effectively avoided the transaction costs typically associated with negotiating rights to use a photo in a derivative work.

3 thoughts on “Dopplr Launches Autogenerated City Profiles”

  1. Oh cool, I wondered how they did those photos. I did something similar about a year ago with a beta-never-launched travel site. For every city (like NYC here) we would ping flickr to grab the top three most interestingness rated CC-BY photos in the system, cache them, then display it for people browsing the site by location.

  2. Matt,

    We found we still needed a manual step to make the best pages. While all the data is automatically generated, we use an internal visual workflow tool that grabs the 50 CC-compatible top pictures (by interestingness) and we choose the best picture and the best colour and opacity for the sparkline.

    Complete automation would be nice to have, but it only takes a few seconds per city in most cases. While popular cities almost always have great pictures as their most interesting, the further you go down the tail the more selective you have to be.

  3. No OpenStreetMap? Thumbs down…
    At least it seems like that. Shame it’s sign-up only, I would have liked to try it.

    Matt Biddulph: Your blog is pretty hard to read with those inline screenshots, if you put some borders around them it will be much easier to notice that they are not the blog post, but images. 😉

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