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Blue Orange Records releases "Come Tomorrow", CC-licensed Electro/Indie-Pop Compilation

Open Culture

Blue Orange Records, a net-label that aims to “provide a portal for quality Indie Pop bands to connect with a global community of Indie Pop fans”, recently released Come Tomorrow, a compilation of songs by some very talented electro/indie-pop acts. The disc is released under a CC BY-NC-ND license to encourage sharing and is available for free online. From BOR:

A bit of background on the project–we spent 2008 listening to music from all over the world to find the best new electro indie-pop sounds. Included you will hear from Kiesgroup (DE) featuring Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier performing in the song Punishment, Lucy and the Popsonics (BR) with their Brazilian electropop Garota Rock Ingles, not to mention our local favorite, Potion (US) with their Film Noir titles collage in Band of Outsiders as well as many other new artists ready to make you dance and smile. So let the sunshine in over these looming dark clouds of recession and download this compilation for free thanks to these wonderful artists and the Creative Commons License.

Posted 10 December 2008