We Have Band: "You Came Out" Video Stills Released Under CC-License

We_Have_Band 1709, we_have_band | CC BY-SA

We Have Band, and electro-pop act from London, recently released a great new video for their single You Came Out in collaboration with creative agency Wieden + Kennedy. The video is stop frame animated and composed of 4,816 still images, all of which are CC BY-SA licensed and available on We Have Band’s flickr page. This allows fans of the band the ability to reanimate the video and reuse the images as long as they attribute We Have Band and share derivative works under the same license.

Find out more about the single at the band’s mysapce blog, including ordering info.

2 thoughts on “We Have Band: "You Came Out" Video Stills Released Under CC-License”

  1. Its really awesome, this creative video has really inspired me i’m about to see it 10th time and each time its developing new motivational force, thumbs up for creative art team.

  2. Great i have to research and then type out 4,816 credits. Thanks CC licenses….
    There is only one license i will EVER use in a production, and that is PUBLIC DOMAIN

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