CC Network "a truly inspirational approach"

Chris Messina on OpenID: the unseen branded revenue opportunity:

What better way to both support Creative Commons and show off your patronage than by identifying yourself across the web with your very own unique, secure, privacy-protecting OpenID (just like Zach Beauvais)?

For a mere $50 minimum donation ($25 for students), you can own a limited edition URL and profile from Creative Commons that identifies you to the world and provides a compelling revenue opportunity for the non-profit foundation.

While companies like SAP become OpenID providers for pedestrian reasons like simplifying authentication across their many different distributed web properties, Creative Commons is redistributing the brand equity and social capital their members have accrued over the last several years by letting people show and verify their affiliation to the organization.

With this simple example, we can start to see the symbiosis of making an intentional choice about identity: Creative Commons finds a new revenue opportunity and members of the community have a way to express their affiliation and promote the brand.

Perfectly explained. Do read the whole post, including the part where Messina calls CC Network “a truly inspirational approach”. Thanks Chris!

Also see Read Write Web’s take on CC Network, following up on Messina’s post.

CC Network also has other features that complement its identity and affiliation stories — see our posts from last fall launching the service, explaining our technical approach to CC Network’s OpenID security, and CC Network and web-centric copyright registries. On the last, see our CTO Nathan Yergler’s recent update from the third CC technology summit.

Inspired? Watch for exciting announcements from CC Network product manager Fred Benenson coming this fall — and join today!

5 thoughts on “CC Network "a truly inspirational approach"”

  1. Did you seriously launch this in December of last year?! Why hadn’t I seen it until now? Wow!

    Have you guys done any outreach on this? Or seen any uptake? Lastly… I *hope* you support OpenID on this blog! 😉

  2. Hi Chris,

    October 15 of last year. We only did outreach as part of our annual fundraising campaign, Oct-Dec last year, and we’re satisfied that the program helped increase our number of individual donors in a very tough year. There’s a much bigger opportunity beyond just supporting our annual campaign, which explains Fred Benenson’s new role as CC Network product manager.

    Good point re OpenID and this blog. We’ve supported it on our wiki for a long time, but there’s always work to do. Filed a bug at

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. I really wish that I had seen this sooner. It reminds me of sap consulting software that I use. This will really help me out a lot! Thanks for posting this.

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