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Sharing Matters: What We’ve Learned at Creative Commons

About CC, Community

Sharing matters. Thanks to the digital revolution, we share things like never before, from scientific research to family photos, from day-to-day life to college courses — and all instantaneously. The variety and volume of sharing today was unimaginable even just a decade ago. Now social media and publishing platforms, smartphones, cheap data, and expanded internet…

Meet CC Italy, Our First Feature for CC Network Fridays!

CC Italy flag with globe icon Image features icons by Vectors Point and Guilherme Furtado via Noun Project (CC BY).

Did you know that the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) consists of 43 CC Country Chapters? Spread across the globe, these CC Chapters are the home for a community of advocates, activists, educators, artists, lawyers, and users who share CC’s vision and values. They work to implement and strengthen open access policies, copyright reform, open…

CC Network: Now with Promo Codes!


One thing Nathan and John have been working on under the hood of the Creative Commons Network over the last couple of months is a promotional code system which gives us (and you) more flexibility when purchasing account subscriptions. Starting today, when you donate $50 or more to Creative Commons ($25 for students), you’ll be…

CC Network "a truly inspirational approach"


Chris Messina on OpenID: the unseen branded revenue opportunity: What better way to both support Creative Commons and show off your patronage than by identifying yourself across the web with your very own unique, secure, privacy-protecting OpenID (just like Zach Beauvais)? For a mere $50 minimum donation ($25 for students), you can own a…

Outreach -> Product Manager


Over the last year I’ve been fortunate enough to work with individuals, organizations, and movements as Creative Commons’ Outreach Manager. Starting this week, I will be applying this experience to a new role at CC as our Product Manager for the Creative Commons Network. I’ll still be working in NYC and free to meet about…

2nd CC Community Call (5/27/09) recording now online


We hosted our second community conference call last Wednesday, May 27. Donors were invited to join members of CC’s staff and board, including CEO Joi Ito and new Board Chair Esther Wojcicki, to discuss organizational updates, including CC Zero, GreenXchange, the future of the CC Network, and an update on the Wikipedia migration to CC…