CC to talk at Global Education Conference

CC BY by Joi

The Global Education Conference is a week-long, online event hosting keynotes and various education tracks to “significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting education activities and initiatives.” CC board Vice Chair, Esther Wojcicki, will give a keynote on “How to Spread Your Ideas Globally Using Creative Commons Licenses,” focusing on how CC licenses promote global sharing in education. The keynote is scheduled for November 15 at 10am PST and will be broadcast live via Elluminate. There is no need to register for the conference which will be held all next week, November 15-19. For a preview of Esther’s and other talks, see

2 thoughts on “CC to talk at Global Education Conference”

  1. That is the solution for Higher Education in the World.

    We do not need many courses designed by thousands of universities.
    Only 50 or so good reputable universities should design 1-2000 courses needed by 7 billion people of the world.

    GLOBAL EDUCATİON for Higher education is a win win case.

    University education is universal in the first place.

    I will attend conference.

  2. 21st century learning requires a full complement of skills that can be delivered in a combination of traditional and project-based learning spaces. Such design engages and supports a philosophy of global, collaborative experience.

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