6 thoughts on “Open Attribute, a simple way to attribute CC-licensed works on the web”

  1. Love the idea but it doesn’t work on any site I’ve tried it on (including creativecommons.org !) using Google Chrome. Also tried it on flickr.com and my own website.

    Looking forward to a functional version of this, tho!

  2. Wondering if “Data” mightn’t be a useful “format” option to add.

    Also wondering whether one has to have “BY” in the CC licence. What if one doesn’t want things attributed?

  3. Richard,

    CC licenses without BY were dropped because 98% of people chose BY, providing opportunity to reduce number of core licenses and corresponding complexity and interoperability problems from 11 to 6. You can’t add restrictions to a CC license, but you can always waive requirements, so you could use eg CC BY-SA and stipulate that attribution is not required.

  4. HI–I often refer people to Creative Commons for images,and we’re often stumped by the format of an attribution that credits the creator and should be used within the user’s presentation. Please advise.

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