Grant for the Web, a $100m Plan to Spur New Business Models for Online Creators

Good news for people and groups working on ways to empower creators: Today, Coil announced Grant for the Web, a new $100 million fund to benefit creators and promote innovation in web monetization. Grant for the Web is funded and led by Coil, in collaboration with Creative Commons and Mozilla. The fund hopes to address … Read More “Grant for the Web, a $100m Plan to Spur New Business Models for Online Creators”

CC Will Host 2018-19 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow

On Monday, Mozilla announced that Creative Commons is among 11 organizations selected to host the 2018-2019 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellows. We’re thrilled to be chosen as one of the host organisations alongside the following excellent organizations: Consumer Reports, Tor, Witness, Code for Science & Society, Bits of Freedom, Derechos Digitales, Astraea Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, Privacy … Read More “CC Will Host 2018-19 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow”

CC goes to #Mozfest 2014

Creative Commons staff, affiliates, and supporters were active participants and contributors at this year’s Mozilla Festival, which has become an annual rallying point for the Open Web and our shared values. Our sessions covered a wide range of issues, from new technology, to open education and science, to working as an open organization. Thanks to … Read More “CC goes to #Mozfest 2014”

Mozilla Public License 2.0

Congratulations to Mozilla on the release of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 after a two year versioning process. As Mozilla chair Mitchell Baker writes “Version 2.0 is similar in spirit to the previous versions, but shorter, better, and more compatible with other Free Software and Open Source Licenses.” MPL 1.1 is one of the more … Read More “Mozilla Public License 2.0”

Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is officially released today by our friends at Mozilla, and it is awesome. Install or upgrade now. In large part due to Mozilla’s leadership over the years, the Open Web is in good health. Open standards and open formats are becoming the norm. This means anyone, anywhere can develop innovative applications that will … Read More “Firefox 4”