12th Annual Media That Matters Festival – Call for Entries!

Jane Park

Arts Engine‘s annual Media That Matters Festival — now in its 12th year — is accepting new entries for short films! In addition to being a “premier showcase for short films with big messages” Media That Matters will give filmmakers the opportunity to connect with educators, activists, and nonprofits around the globe, helping to move communities towards social change. If selected, your film will be screened at the Fall festival and featured via a “multi-platform campaign combining online streaming with personalized screenings,” and made available under CC BY-NC-ND.

Submission criteria from the announcement:

Short Film: Films must be twelve minutes MAXIMUM; the ideal length is around eight minutes.

All Styles: We accept documentaries, narratives, animations, music videos, public
 service announcements, dramas, comedies, hybrids, or a style of your own creation!
 Creativity is always encouraged. The only guideline is that your project must focus on a 
social issue.

All Issues: Any and all issues will be considered.

All Ages: All ages will be considered!

The early deadline to submit is February 23, regular deadline is April 20, and the late deadline is May 1. Submit your film at http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org/submit. Send questions to festival@artsengine.net.

15 thoughts on “12th Annual Media That Matters Festival – Call for Entries!”

  1. In Australia we have a similiar Festival Called Tropfest, which is a short film festival, thats very popular. I definitely be coming back to check out the top contenders!! yeah the regular dead line is on my birthday 20 April, which happens to be Kony 2012 deadline.. .. Cheers

  2. This is a great initiative and I am sure a lot of filmmakers are eager to submit their short films. Also I have submitted my film to Media That Matters Festival in the past and it got great exposure through the festival. I wish the filmmakers all luck!


  3. I love short films (specially comedy) and it must be great for a lot of people to have the opportunity of show their talent on this media show. I think that the world needs this for the hope.
    Good luck with this. Ciao.

  4. Haven’t caught anything from Arts Engine, but I did get to see Tropfest Australia this year, it was great!

    ‘Photo Booth’ was my favorite there btw

  5. Hi, I am wondering where we can find the results of all submitted entries? It’s been a while now but would love to watch some short films

  6. Thanks for the info, I will definitely be coming back also, to check out the top contenders.
    I was looking for “short films that matter” btw 😉

  7. The great thing about short films is the fantastic opportunity unknown young people/students have to show their work. I’m talking by self experience where i’ve won a short film contest here in my country. Since that time i’ve made many short films for various agencies all over the country.


  8. Good luck to everyone that submits a film. Twelve minutes maximum to creat a compelling start, middle and end is no easy feat. I look forward to seeing some of the entries

  9. We were also looking for a results list as we have friends who are entered this year. Is there a website we can go to for more information or at least some kind of update?

  10. 12 Minute film is short but it really forces the user to be more efficient at developing a storyline. Quick and effective

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