Work with CC: Director of Product Strategy

Creative Commons is looking for an experienced, innovative, and technically inclined individual to drive product development at CC. This individual will play a highly influential role in the future of Creative Commons as we look to the next 10 years.

For those that have been paying attention, this is indeed a re-imagination of the previous solicitation for a Chief Technology Officer. This role has expanded to be a more general direction setting position within CC vis-a-vis tools and products that will enable and sustain CC and its community.

Creative Commons started with a vision of leveraging the Internet to scale the sharing of our collective cultural, scientific, and educational output. To that end, there is an unimaginable number of freely licensed works to build upon, and to build services around, and 90% of the technical groundwork is laid (meaning, of course, there is still more than 90% of the way to go!). Now is an incredibly exciting time to lead the product and technology efforts of Creative Commons — be part of a great team, help communities yearning to share better and more effectively, and engage with developers around the world to help build a better future.

And it is an interesting place to work! Some unique aspects of the CC technical and product team:

  • All software developed by CC is free software; see our source repositories and bug tracker;
  • We have a small (two software engineers, one system administrator) technology team focused on maintaining and improving CC’s services (implemented using Python, CiviCRM, WordPress, MediaWiki, and other technologies); additionally technology suffuses all of our work, including when policy-oriented — the technology team and especially CTO are frequently called on to provide leadership on broad issues;
  • See our CC Labs blog for occasional posts on the details of our technical work and thoughts on related happenings;
  • Watch recordings of past CC technology summits;
  • Read about the CC Rights Expression Language, a set of recommendations implemented across CC’s services and by many publishers.

We’re accepting resumes through October 12. See the job posting for details.

3 thoughts on “Work with CC: Director of Product Strategy”

  1. i want to be part of CC. It’s one of the best place of work. But I have no such experienced, innovative, and technically inclined individual to drive product to be part of CC, not the one looking for!

  2. I have been researching for a few years in what has been done in this field at CC, and I was astonished when I knew how small was the developer community around CC.

    A better set of tools is crucial to make much more people use CC around the world.
    I tried to use liblicense and is really buggy (please fix it, I will so happy 🙂 , also tried Gnome integration with not much success.

    It still happens that when you set a website-wide license by using an image at the footer, when someone downloads the images the information about the license just vanishes.

    I though CC was a bigger organization and I was a bit disappointed, maybe more could be done to ask for help to the community

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