CC10Musicians iPhone app from CC Korea

Timothy Vollmer

CC Korea has given Creative Commons a cool 10th birthday present with the release of the CC10Musicians iPhone app (Android app coming soon). From CC Korea:

We introduce 10 teams of musicians sharing their music under a Creative Commons License. From Brazil to Iceland, from Hip-Hop to Indie Rock, discover awesome music from all over the genre, all over the world. CC10Musicians App allows you to listen to the 10 selected artists’ work on live streaming and share some spread-worth music with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

The app looks (and sounds) great, and is easy to use. Many thanks to CC Korea for a fantastic birthday gift!

cc korea

2 thoughts on “CC10Musicians iPhone app from CC Korea”

  1. First of all its a happy Birthday to Creative Commons, and the gift given to creative commons by CC Korea is a fabulous one, the best 10th birthday gift, for sure.

  2. hi i`m dhani from Indonesia. I want to say congrats for this great app. i enjoy it so much.

    I have a question, did this app accept submission for band. because i want to submit my band to be featured in the app.


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