CC10: Day 10

CC10 – dublab’s Creative Commons 10th Birthday Video Mix from dublab / CC BY-NC Ten years ago today, the first Creative Commons licenses were released. Over the past ten days, the CC community has celebrated around the world with concerts, discussions, hackathons, and parties. People in the community have put together mixtapes, created iPhone apps, … Read More “CC10: Day 10”

CC10: Day 9

Creative Commons Korea It’s getting hard to keep up with all of the CC10 commotion. Today, the CC community is celebrating in Muscat, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Seoul. Not to be outdone by the #cc10 Europe mixtape, Creative Commons Korea has created a #cc10 iPhone app featuring ten musicians who license their work under … Read More “CC10: Day 9”

#cc10 Featured Platform: Behance

Scott Belsky / transmitNOW events / CC BY-NC Throughout CC’s tenth anniversary celebrations, we’re profiling media platforms with CC integration, and talking to the people behind those platforms to see what role CC plays in their communities. Behance is a platform and community for designers and other creative people. Behance is a major hub for … Read More “#cc10 Featured Platform: Behance”

#cc10 Antarctica!

CC10 Antarctica / Nils Irland / IceCube Neutrino Observatory / CC BY Remember when Jessica said we were “working on” a CC10 meetup in Antarctica? She wasn’t kidding. We got in touch with our friends at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, and before we knew it, IceCube researchers Nils Irland, Blaise Kuo, and Felipe Pedreros were … Read More “#cc10 Antarctica!”