Apply now for 2013 Google Policy Fellowship at Creative Commons

Timothy Vollmer

Update: Please be sure to apply at the Google Policy Fellowship website.

For the fifth year, Creative Commons will take part in the Google Policy Fellowship program. It’s fantastic to see that Google has expanded the number and diversity of groups involved in the fellowship program. This year there are participating organizations from Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America.

The Google Policy Fellowship program offers undergraduate, graduate, and law students interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues, and exploring future academic and professional interests. Fellows will have the opportunity to work at public interest organizations at the forefront of debates on broadband and access policy, content regulation, copyright and trademark reform, consumer privacy, open government, and more.

The 2013 Google Policy Fellow will receive a grant to work at Creative Commons’ office in Mountain View, California.

Past CC Google Policy Fellows have worked on a wide variety of projects. These have included surveying intellectual property and licensing policies of philanthropic foundations, research on the welfare impact of Creative Commons across various fields, and an investigation of the characterization of Creative Commons within U.S. legal scholarship.

We look for motivated candidates with partially-developed ideas in exploring a particular interest/expertise area, short research project, or related activity within the broad spectrum of open licensing and the commons. In 2013 we are particularly interested in working with fellows interested in supporting education and advocacy efforts around open policies so that publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources. One specific project we are looking for assistance on is the development of an Open Policy Network. We are very flexible in accommodating project ideas that will be mutually beneficial to the candidate and CC. The project work with CC will not be supervised by an attorney.

Please be sure to apply before March 15, 2013, and good luck.

13 thoughts on “Apply now for 2013 Google Policy Fellowship at Creative Commons”

  1. I’m Sara Rebeca Aguilar Fratti, of 22 years old, I’m a senior law student at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala.

    As a young woman I’ve focused my attention in: free culture, free expression and open acces to information, also internet policy, hacktivism, among other similar topics.

    I’m writing my thesis project in the analysis of the free culture as a alternative of the protection and divulgation of a artistic work.

    Likewise I’m interested in applying the principles of free culture through the Creative Commons licenses in:
    1. The educative resources of my University, because it is a public and almost free (the student enrollment is around US$10.- ) and most of the students belong to the middle class and sometimes is difficult to afford the expensive text books.
    2. The culture, specifically in music and cinema, in respect to the open, or eventually free, access to it, working with local music bands and film directors, because these local industries are willingly open to share their work in order to encourage the free expression of the guatemalans.
    3. In the near future, after I graduate, I’m planning to work towards a reform of the Intellectual Property legislation in order to create licenses that will envolve more participation of the authors, artists, scientists and the public.

    Finally, I’m really fascinating with the idea of take part of this program and later apply the knowledge I’ll learn in my areas of interest.

  2. Thami este texto está bien?

    Im a webdesigner with interest in solving communication and interaction problems using technology and design as a tool.

    Involved in creating a new interface for LOREA project (open online comunity), big information visualization (, and

    I had been involved in the usage of open licenses doing lobby for our local goverment (Paraguay), creating tools with CC licences for people to communicate their news ( and growing the local chapter of CC in Paraguay.

    I would tell us that I come from a country where intellectual property rights are not legislated, politically I helped along with some friends and my husband to create the Department of Intellectual Property in Paraguay.

  3. Will be looking forward to being a participant at this years GPF’s event,will deeply appreciate it if my request is up for approval.
    Thanks,till i get a reply. stay blessed.

  4. My name is Amr Kandil from Egypt, I’ve graduated from college of Arts, Department of Mass Communications and media.

    All my interests and experiences are in Media field and these relating to it, i love internet and social media and being in this Digital world that have no end, I had a course talking about Creative Commons and i was impressed of its idea and content.

    Here in Egypt we had a big problem in Copyrights especially in Media and Intent field, every thing is available to use and share doesn’t matter who is the owner and you do not have to mention the source, and also the usage of program and Digital data.

    so, i wish to participate in this fellowship trying solving it and share mine and your experience on it. and generate many ideas useful in this program.

    and this is a link of my C.V:
    password: creative

    thanks for your efforts and interests
    Amr Kandil

  5. I study audio technology and I have several years working with emerging artists, completely wrapped in shared licenses and creative commons. Passionate about new technologies and I am eligible that is required here.

  6. I study audio technology and I have several years working with emerging artists, completely wrapped in shared licenses and creative commons. Passionate about new technologies and I am eligible that is required here.

  7. I believe initiatives and research work and would like to devote my resources on these project

  8. I am a male aged 28 a university graduate with a Bsc (hons) Information Systems. I would like to participate in this wonderful fellowship program. I am interested in open educational fresources (OERs), open source and creative commmon licences. As a young african I am interest is on the creation of policies which has to do with openess. So if given the opportunity it be involved in such a project it will be a pleasure.

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