CC Global Summit 2013 – Call for Papers

Listening to Larry's keynote
Listening to Larry’s Keynote [at the Global Summit 2011] / Chiaki Hayashi / CC BY NC SA

We are proud to officially launch the call for papers for CC’s Global Summit 2013.

The Global Summit is Creative Commons’ biannual gathering of CC friends and family. In 2013 it will be held from 21-24 August in Buenos Aires, co-hosted by our local Creative Commons affiliates, Fundación Vía Libre and Wikimedia Argentina.

Attendees to the Summit will discuss strategies to strengthen Creative Commons and its worldwide community, learn about the latest developments in the commons movement worldwide, and showcase local and international projects that use Creative Commons licenses. It’s a great place to meet and present your ideas to the broader Creative Commons and open community. Most importantly, this will be our first ever Summit with a dedicated Spanish-language program.

We encourage anyone with something interesting to say about the present and future of the commons to apply. A Programming Committee consisting of members of the CC community will make the final decision on the program.

You have until 24 May to submit a session for the Summit. Submission forms and a more detailed explanation of the process can be found on our Global Summit wiki.


Estamos orgullosos de lanzar oficialmente la convocatoria a charlas para la Cumbre Mundial de Creative Commons de 2013.

La Cumbre Mundial es la reunión de bianual de la comunidad de Creative Commons. En 2013 se llevará a cabo del 21 a 24 de agosto en Buenos Aires, co-organizado por nuestros afiliados locales de Creative Commons, Fundación Vía Libre y Wikimedia Argentina.

Los asistentes a la cumbre discutirán las estrategias para fortalecer Creative Commons y su comunidad en todo el mundo, aprender sobre los últimos acontecimientos en el movimiento mundial de bienes comunes, y mostrar los proyectos locales e internacionales que utilizan las licencias Creative Commons. Es un lugar ideal para reunirse y presentar sus ideas a la comunidad más amplia de Creative Commons. Más importante aún, esta será nuestra primera Cumbre con un apartado en español en el programa.

Animamos a aplicar a cualquier persona que tenga algo interesante para decir sobre el presente y el futuro de los bienes comunes. Un comité de programación integrado por miembros de la comunidad de Creative Commons tomará la decisión final sobre el diseño del programa.

La fecha límite para la presentación de sesiones y charlas es el 24 de mayo. En nuestro wiki se puede encontrar información más detallada sobre el proceso y formas de presentación, así como un espacio abierto a propuestas para la Cumbre.

3 thoughts on “CC Global Summit 2013 – Call for Papers”

  1. Hola!

    I am a partner of an emerging Creative Commons music project called the Easton Ellises.

    I have been working the same group of artists for over 10 years, and after losing control of the original project to lets say more traditional copyright institutions (publishers, producers and record labels) a decision was recently made to put the initial project to rest, wipe the slate clean and start over again with a new alias and a Creative Commons business model.

    We chose to protect our rights with Creative Commons licenses because we feel it embraces the full potential of digital culture for the greater good. Our medium is music, but we understand the full potential lies in education, science, photography, art, government and the internet. You guys are paving the future of the intellectual property digital highway.

    The problem is that Creative Commons still lacks the “phénomène de masse” effect and has not reached the tipping point in order to cross-over into mainstream society. Easy fr me to say, I’m just a regular guy mapping the road of a talented music group that endorses the full potential of open culture. The beauty of music is that it has no boundaries, no religion, nor prejudices and it has the power to influence and illuminate the masses.

    Just imagine for a second the repercussions of a music group leading the way by breaking into the popular mainstream while waving the Creative Commons flag …

    CCheers to CC, keep on keeping on y saludos desde Montréal!

    Udo Blenkhorn

  2. Will there be any presentatins at this event about Creative Commons happenings in the movie making or music world? That seems to have “dried up” . Thank you.

  3. Hi Felipe

    Thanks for your question.

    Whether we have presentations on music or film at the Summit depends entirely one whether anyone suggests some – this is an open call for papers, so what ends up on the program depends on you!

    But I do know there has been a lot going on with CC music and film business models over the last few years. For example, there has been a very strong movement for CC film festivals around the world over the last few years, inspired a lot by: So hopefully something like that (or even a festival itself?) will be put forward for the program.


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