CC Job Opportunity: Arab World Regional Coordinator

Timothy Vollmer

Creative Commons is looking to hire a part-time contractor to assist the CC Global Network team with organizational planning, strategic communications, community building, and fundraising in the Arab World. The focus of the position in 2014 will include supporting local affiliates, conducting outreach to new communities, and coordinating collaborative projects. Candidates should be based in the Middle East region, and the position will require international travel. Candidates should be able to communicate in Arabic and English.

This is a great opportunity for a knowledgeable and motivated free culture advocate or community organizer. Please follow the instructions on the CC website if you’d like to apply.

2 thoughts on “CC Job Opportunity: Arab World Regional Coordinator”

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    محبتي لكم
    شنو الداوودي / العراق
    عضوة شبكة انسم للاعلام الاجتماعي

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