Help bridge our open communities: Open Coalition Project Coordinator Job

Construction of the Story Bridge, Brisbane, 1939 / State Library Queensland / No known copyright restrictions Last November, a bunch of us from Wikimedia, Mozilla, P2PU, OKFN, Creative Commons, School of Open, and other communities got together for a session at Mozfest called “Collaborations across the Open Space.” That session not only laid the groundwork … Read More “Help bridge our open communities: Open Coalition Project Coordinator Job”

CC Job Opportunity: Arab World Regional Coordinator

Creative Commons is looking to hire a part-time contractor to assist the CC Global Network team with organizational planning, strategic communications, community building, and fundraising in the Arab World. The focus of the position in 2014 will include supporting local affiliates, conducting outreach to new communities, and coordinating collaborative projects. Candidates should be based in … Read More “CC Job Opportunity: Arab World Regional Coordinator”

CC is looking for a Director of Strategic Partnerships

Donor Strategy cake / HowardLake / CC BY-SA Creative Commons is looking for a Director of Strategic Partnerships! The Director of Strategic Partnerships will be responsible for building and executing a comprehensive fundraising strategy, focusing mainly on individual and corporate donations. This position will report directly to the Controller and work very closely with the … Read More “CC is looking for a Director of Strategic Partnerships”

Job: Metrics Engineer

Photo: Metric mania by batega / CC BY Like code and numbers? Creative Commons is working to make its websites more metrics-driven and data and reporting on CC adoption globally and within fields such as Open Educational Resources and Open Access publishing more available and regular. We’re seeking to fill a contract metrics engineer position … Read More “Job: Metrics Engineer”

Seeking a ccLearn Counsel

ccLearn has re-opened the search for a ccLearn counsel. Note that the job title has been changed from the previous search to better reflect our high priority for someone with relevant and reasonably deep experience in intellectual property and copyright law. Though we had many superlative candidates for our initial round, we found that no … Read More “Seeking a ccLearn Counsel”