Free Bassel Day

#FREEBASSEL / Kennisland / CC BY-SA

As of today, CC Syria community leader Bassel Khartabil has been in prison for two years. Today, we join the worldwide open community in honoring Bassel and insisting that he be freed.

Amnesty International and Front Line Defenders have produced this excellent video about why Bassel’s story is important to our community, featuring interviews with CC co-founder Lawrence Lessig and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Jillian York.

“Bassel could have gotten out, but he chose to stay. And that decision was very costly for him, and it was an important decision for us. It symbolized his commitment to making this democracy possible, and to continuing the work to spread that message. And we owe him for that, and we have an obligation to do as much as we can to keep the world aware of this incredible person.” – Lawrence Lessig

In honor of Free Bassel Day, our friend Niki Korth has compiled a cookbook in honor of Bassel, featuring recipes submitted by people who know Bassel or are involved with the #freebassel campaign. You can read the cookbook online or download a PDF (469 KB).

Niki is planning to release a Version 2 of the cookbook, so it’s not too late to submit a recipe.

We honor Bassel today and look forward to the day he is freed.

2 thoughts on “Free Bassel Day”

  1. I miss you Bassel. I remember our long talks in the morning in Singapore. I hope we can have breakfast together again soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend.

  2. Thank you for making me aware of this highly interesting issue. God forbid (I’m an Atheist) that free speech is permitted in Asia. Yes the “middle east” is in Asia. They don’t tell you that in School. Everything east of Turkey is Asia. As we all know this includes China. There are millions of voices in China dying to get to share their thoughts with the rest of the world. It amazes me that China has gotten by for 5,000 years with out the help of Jesus. I’m not afraid of China. In fact I embrace them as fellow humans with a life and opinion just as important as anyone else.

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