Institute for Open Leadership 2: Apply now

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Cape Town by Kemal Kestelli on Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0.

Earlier this year, Creative Commons and the Open Policy Network hosted the first Institute for Open Leadership (IOL). The IOL is a training and support program to empower new leaders interested in crafting and implementing an open licensing policy within their discipline. We had a diverse cohort of 14 fellows who came together for a week in January, 2015 in San Francisco. The fellows worked with mentors and each other to hone their open policy project ideas. Since then they’ve working within their institutions and fields to implement their open policy plan.

Today we’re opening the application period for the next round of the institute. IOL 2 will take place March 14-18, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Application instructions are on the Institute for Open Leadership webpage. Applications are due October 30, 2015. We will accept 15 IOL fellows.

We encourage applications from a variety of areas, including the public sector, cultural heritage institutions, publishing, and scientific labs. We’re interested in individuals who are eager to become experts in open licensing, pursue new opportunities for open sharing of content and data, and directly influence policy decisions in their institution and field of work.

Thanks again to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Open Society Foundations for their support for the Institute for Open Leadership.

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  1. I am an active member of the Belgian open access and open source movement, organizing activities and conferences. The last one is a serie of conferences on “the Open” for all Belgian university members ( I have been the person having most French speaking Belgian high level politicians sign a commitment to use and support the “pact of digital freedoms” free software, free internet and open data since 2008. See and See bio in and (the one in French is more detailed). I do also private education on Creative Common licences for the Belgian government
    I ahve been the person organizing and proposing the opening of all the works of Pierre Gilbert (unfortunately not under a CC licence)
    Lastly, I am opening the works of 2 famous Belgian people : Philippe Roberts-Jones and André Sterling whose “digitheques” will be open publically and celebrated on Octobre 25 2015 and December 5 2015

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