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Back to Basics: Open Culture for Beginners

Open Culture

On 27 July 2023 we hosted the first webinar in our new Open Culture Live series. In this session about the basics of Open Culture, we led a presentation that answers some of the key questions for beginners hoping to understand more about Creative Commons, and how we work closely with the cultural heritage sector to support the open sharing of digital collections. In this session we answered some basic questions including:

In the next episodes of the series we will be inviting panelists to speak about some other topics important to the Open Culture landscape including: Decolonization, Indigenization and Restitution; Open Culture & Artificial Intelligence; and Respectful Terminologies & Changing the Subject, and more.

Interested in getting more involved? Here are some ways you can stay up to date:

We also welcome you to suggest other webinar topics you’d like to see — please reach out to with any ideas.

After two years of virtual summits, we are also excited to be hosting our first in person CC Summit in Mexico City from October 3–6. Please join us for more sessions on the intersections of Open Culture and topics like AI, traditional knowledge, and more.

Posted 17 August 2023