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A colorful illustration of a wall of windows, each showing a different figure, including an axolotl and humans engaged in various activities, one wearing a blue luchador mask, and others holding a slender blue line hung with a light blue CC Global Summit banner, all surrounded by butterflies, birds, vines, and flowering plants.
Somos El Bien Común” by Eréndira Derbez is licensed via CC BY 4.0.

The CC Global Summit is now just one week away! As we make the final preparations for this first opportunity to gather in person at a Summit in several years, we are excited to unveil the program that will take place 3–6 October in Mexico City. Since 2006, the CC Global Summit has brought together thousands of CC community members, activists, creators, advocates, librarians, educators, lawyers, and technologists from around the world to discuss, collaborate, and take action to make our global culture more open and collaborative.

We must begin by honoring the very special Summit venue, the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, next to the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. As we gather to collaborate on the future of the open commons, we will be surrounded by rich culture from Mexico’s history. Bringing these cultural themes together is “We Are the Commons,” the illustration commissioned specially for the Summit by Mexican artist Eréndira Derbez.

You can now explore the 100s of panels, community sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities scheduled in the program, all of which connect to the Summit’s main theme, AI & the commons, and/or one of the general topics on which the CC community often collaborates: better internet, contemporary creativity, culture & heritage, education, journalism, and scholarship & science.

We are especially honored to welcome the Summit’s three keynote speakers, who have been invited to challenge us with new and reborn perspectives about open knowledge and culture, and to honor both the Summit’s location in Mexico and our community’s global scope.

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Virtual participation

If you can’t make it to Mexico City, there are several opportunities to engage with the Summit virtually. First, take a moment to register for free virtual access to make sure you get all the information about how you can participate in the Summit at a distance and at different times, including:

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Thanks to all those who made the Summit possible

Bringing hundreds of people together for a rich program in a world capital like Mexico City is a challenge CC could not have undertaken without a lot of support from many sources.

We are deeply grateful to the team at CC Mexico — especially Irene Soria, Iván Martínez, and the team of volunteers they brought together — for their dedicated assistance large and small to make the Summit happen in their city.

We also thank the volunteers around the world who gave their time and energy on the Summit program and scholarship committees. The overwhelming interest in this year’s Summit generated big challenges for these people who stepped up to help shape a Summit that we hope is diverse, enriching, and practical. Another heartfelt thank you goes out to our friends at Wikimedia Mexico who are sponsoring a group of volunteers to help out during the event. We are grateful for this partnership and looking forward to meeting everyone next week!

Beyond all the essential community effort powering the Summit, we especially thank the sponsors who contributed financial support to make it possible to offer the scholarships that enable people from all over the world to attend the Summit and to ensure this ambitious gathering will be rewarding and successful.

CC Global Summit 2023 Sponsors: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, Akin, Anthropic, Mozilla Foundation, The Michelson 20MM Foundation, MHz Curationist, Frontiers Media, Arnold & Porter, Crowell, Centro Cultural de España.

Logos from sponsors for the 2023 CC Global Summit, including: From top to bottom and left to right: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, Akin, Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, Anthropic, Mozilla Foundation, The Michelson 20MM Foundation, MHz Curationist, Frontiers Media, Crowell, Centro Cultural de España, Arnold & Porter.

Logos used by permission from sponsoring organizations.

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Posted 26 September 2023