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Upcoming Open Culture Live Webinar: “Maximizing the Value(s) of Open Access in Cultural Heritage Institutions”

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Four barrels full of cash printed in black, green and red are overflowing. The text in front reads “Maximizing the Value(s) of Open Access in Cultural Heritage Institutions: 28 February 2024 | 2:00 PM UTC”.
Barrels of Money” by Victor Dubreuil. 1890s. Brandywine Museum of Art, Public Domain.

On Wednesday, 28 February  2024, at 2:00 pm UTC, CC’s Open Culture Program will be hosting a new webinar in our Open Culture Live series titled “Maximizing the Value(s) of Open Access in Cultural Heritage Institutions.”

One common concern for GLAMs thinking about going open is the potential loss of revenue from image licensing — however, open collections are said to often draw in more viewers, onsite visitors, and (financial) supporters. There are also costs associated with the work of granting permissions on an image by image basis in employee time and legal fees. Ultimately, how do the costs and benefits stack up? How can we ensure the value of cultural heritage collections continues to support their financial sustainability?

We will be joined by a panel of experts including:

We will dive into some important questions like:

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What is Open Culture Live?

In this series, we tackle some of the more complex challenges that face the open culture movement, bringing in speakers with personal and professional expertise on the topic. 

Posted 21 February 2024