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At Creative Commons, we offer an array of learning and training opportunities to support our global community in developing open licensing expertise and a deeper understanding of recommended practices for better sharing. Choose from workshops, consulting options, lectures, and our CC Certificate courses to find what meets your needs. 

We can provide existing and custom CC licensing professional learning opportunities to your organization, institution or affiliated group. We have detailed multiple options below. Contact us for further information (learning at 

CC Certificate Courses

The CC Certificate program offers in-depth courses about CC licenses, open practices, and the ethos of sharing in our global, digital commons. The courses are led by expert instructors, and are highly interactive, including readings, quizzes, discussions and practical exercises to develop your open skills. 

We offer CC Certificate courses on three tracks:
(1) Certificate for Educators,
(2) Certificate for Academic Librarians, and
(3) Certificate for Open Culture/GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums).

Registration: varies based on 10 week course, one-week bootcamp, and scholarship options. 

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CC Legal Office Hours 

Creative Commons offers regular “office hours” or open meetings to any community members with questions about CC licenses and tools. Join office hours and ask your questions directly to our copyright lawyers. 

Third Friday of every month, 10:00am PDT and 10:00am PST.
US Daylight savings time changes each year. To find your local time conversion, always add the date here:

Registration: Free, register at any time, including during a session

Global Lecture Series

Curious for an in-depth overview of open education, open access, open policy, open culture and open source topics? Join us for Q&A webinars with experts from around the world. Lectures are held at varying times throughout the year.

Registration: Some lectures are free. For some lectures, we encourage participants to pay what they can.

CC Trainings

CC offers periodic trainings to community members interested in half-day deep-dives into open topics. 

Training session times may vary. But, sessions will take place on select Fridays between 2pm-7pm UTC. 

Local time: confirm your time with the time zone converter

Registration: $100 USD

Custom CC Workshops 

CC workshops provide professional learning opportunities on elements of open licensing, open education, open access, and how to get involved in open movements. These workshops can be tailored to meet host-institution instructional needs, and range from partial day, full-day to multi-day events. 

Registration: Varies based on scope of work, the length of the training, and the number of participants.

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Interested in finding out more about CC Training opportunities or CC Consulting? Contact us for further information (learning at