Board Members

Our board is comprised of experts from disciplines including law, arts, science, culture, and technology.  The following individuals have served Creative Commons as board members. We are grateful for their service.

Bolded names indicate current board members.

Board Member (by year of appointment)Term of Service (as at close of Dec 2019 annual meeting)Role
Eldred, Eric2001-2008Founding director
Boyle, Jamie2001-2009Founding director
Abelson, Hal2001-2015Founding director
Carroll, Michael2001-2015Founding director
Saltzman, Eric2001-2015Founding director
Lessig, Lawrence2001-2019Founding director; Emeritus Board
Shaffer Van Houweling, Molly2002-2015, 2016-Board Chair (2016-)
Guggenheim, Davis2003-2014
Ito, Joi2003-2014Board Chair
Buckman, John2006-2007
Wales, Jimmy2006-2014
Racine, Laurie2006-2015
Gil, Gilberto2008
Fake, Caterina2008-2014
Wojcicki, Esther2008-2015Board Chair
Brown, Glenn2009-2014
Casserly, Cathy2010-2014
Thomas, Annette2010-2014
Fitzgerald, Brian2011-2014
Brest, Paul2012-2018Board Chair
Adida, Ben2013-2020
Rubin, Tom2013-2019
Cabell, Diane2001-2014Secretary/Clerk (2001-2013)
Board Member (2013-2014)
Gordon, Dorothy2013-2016
Sprigman, Chris2013-2016
Yoon, Jay2013-2017
Keller, Paul2013-2018
Thorne, Chris2013-2018
Avila, Renata2014-2020
Peters, Diane2014-2020Secretary and General Counsel
Merkley, Ryan2014-2019CEO
Nightingale, Johnathan2015-2019
Spelman, Katherine2015-2017
Okediji, Ruth2017-
Brand, Amy2018-
Browne, Delia2018-
Botero, Carolina2019-
Randeree, Bilal2019-
Tarkowski, Alek2019-
Stihler, Catherine2020-CEO
Macgillivray , Alexander2020-
Jeni Tennison2021-
Angela Oduor Lungati2021-
Glen Otis Brown2021-