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Sarah Hinchliff Pearson

Sarah has been writing, lawyering, and strategizing about creativity and collaboration in the digital age for more than 15 years. Over the span of 10 years at Creative Commons, she has functioned as in-house legal counsel, project manager, book author, fundraiser, event organizer, curriculum developer, team leader, and organizational strategist — often at the same time. 

As General Counsel, she oversees the legal services necessary to support the globally distributed operations of Creative Commons, and provides strategic legal and business counsel on all facets of nonprofit operations. She also plays a key role in CC’s programmatic work, leading the stewardship of CC’s legal tools and advising the organization on new programmatic initiatives.

Before joining CC, she did a fellowship at Stanford’s Center for Internet & Society and worked as an IP associate at Fried Frank in New York City. She has a journalism degree from Northwestern University, a law degree from the University of Michigan, and an Executive MBA from the University of Iowa. 

Photo credit: Amber Kaiser, CC BY

Posts by Sarah Hinchliff Pearson

Thank You for Translating “Made with Creative Commons”

About CC

In 2017, CC published Made with Creative Commons, a book examining 24 different business models built around CC licenses and CC-licensed content. Financially supported by more than 1600 backers on Kickstarter, the project itself is an example of how openly licensed work can be funded and how CC-licensed content can evolve over time.  After publishing…

CC’s 4.0 license suite now in Greek


Guest post by Ioanna Tzagaraki from the University of Cyprus. All six of the Creative Commons licenses v4.0 are now available in Greek as a result of the joint and volunteer effort of the University of Cyprus, the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, and the legal firm Ioannides Demetriou LLC. The multi-year process began when the first draft…