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Davos World Economic Forum's Photos Under CC-BY-SA

Open Culture post

There’s great news over at the Davos World Economic Forum blog: We have just uploaded 300 of our best pictures from the Annual Meeting 2009 in Davos to the World Economic Forum’s Flickr account. Admittedly it took us some time to choose the best pictures from the thousands shot by our official photographers from Swiss-Image.…

Citizendium says "Our gift to the world: CC-by-sa"

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The Citizendium encyclopedia project today announced it had chosen to use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license after very serious consideration of all of the options — see project founder Larry Sanger’s 22,000 word essay on the choice: In short, Sanger argues that adopting the CC-by-sa license is most in line with the project’s top goal,…

Microsoft Releases RSS extension under CC-BY-SA license

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Microsoft today announced the release of its Simple List Extensions specification to RSS under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. The extensions will enable content providers to deliver ordered lists – wish-lists, top-ten lists, playlists, etc. – using RSS, keeping the list constantly up-to-date and allowing users to filter, sort, or pivot the list in any…

Wikipedia Moves to CC 4.0 Licenses

Licenses & Tools post
Black logos for the Wikimedia Foundation and Creative Commons, side by side.

We are thrilled to announce that Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects have now adopted version 4.0 of the Creative Commons BY-SA license! The project first began using version 3.0 of the CC licenses in 2009 following a community process, having previously used the GNU Free Documentation License. This decision, made as part of a Terms…

Open Education Week 2022 Lightning Talks: Recordings and Slides

Open Education post

In honor of Open Education Week (March 7-11, 2022), the Creative Commons Open Education Platform community offered Lightning Talks, or  seven-minute presentations on specific updates or stories in open education. Moderated by Stephen Downes, the lighting talks covered everything from leveraging tax legislation for open education funding, to theories and practices around OER, fireside stories…

Eight open GLAM case studies selected: discover the successful projects and their leaders!

Open Culture post

In October 2021, Creative Commons launched a call for case studies on open access in cultural institutions, such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs), from low-capacity, non-Western institutions, or representing marginalized, underrepresented communities from various regions. The aim of the open call was to help generate a more global, inclusive, and equitable picture and…

Say Hello to CC Belgium!

Community post

We are happy to introduce CC Belgium—the new CC Chapter in the heart of Europe. We have been running as an informal chapter for more than 10 years with different people as Chapter Leads. For several years, a team led by Severine Dussolier from CRID at the University of Namur, stewarded the translations of the…

Meet CC India, Our Next Feature for CC Network Fridays!

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CC Global Network Feature Image: CC India

After introducing the CC Italy Chapter to you in July, the CC Netherlands Chapter in August, CC Bangladesh Chapter in September, and CC Tanzania Chapter in October, we are now traveling to Asia again to introduce the CC India Chapter!  The Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) consists of 45 CC Country Chapters spread across the…

The Increasingly Open World of Photography: A Conversation With Exposure’s Luke Beard

Licenses & Tools, Open Culture post
A collage of a photographer and lighthouse 5169051592_632fc3cc6b_h Kollage Kid (CC BY-NC-SA)

Over 300 million images are uploaded to Facebook a day. Yes, just Facebook. Once other social media and photo-sharing platforms like Flickr, Unsplash, Instagram, etc. are taken into account, that number quickly grows into the billions.  A lot has changed since the dawn of photography in the 19th century—when Nicéphore Niépce (a.k.a. the “Father of…

German Public Broadcaster ZDF Releases Dozens of Videos Under CC Licenses

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In theory, publishing publicly funded television content under open licenses should be a no-brainer. As with publicly funded research, open licenses improve distribution, allow for remix creativity, and unlock access to popular free knowledge platforms such as Wikipedia. In practice, however, advocates of open licenses in the realm of public-service media face several hurdles, such…