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Open Education Week 2022 Lightning Talks: Recordings and Slides

Open Education

In honor of Open Education Week (March 7-11, 2022), the Creative Commons Open Education Platform community offered Lightning Talks, or  seven-minute presentations on specific updates or stories in open education. Moderated by Stephen Downes, the lighting talks covered everything from leveraging tax legislation for open education funding, to theories and practices around OER, fireside stories of open sharing, and even a Texas Sing-a-long!

We hope you’ll enjoy the replay and presentations below. Stay tuned for the CC Open Education Platform’s next round of Lightning Talks, or join our next meeting on 5 April. Access meeting details via the Open Education Platform calendar, and learn more on the CC Open Education Platform website


“Kathryn Kure” by Val Adamson source Data Myna Blog License  CC-BY-SA 4.0

Kathryn Kure presented: “Enabling OERs at no additional cost.”


Carolyn Stevenson (permission granted for use)

Carolyn Stevenson presented: “Promoting Educational Equity through OERs and Open Degree Plans.”


Sybil Priebe, CC-BY-NC

Sybil Priebe presented: “The Venn Diagram of OEP and Ungrading is a Circle.”


Photo of Alan Levine by Cori Saas, CC BY.

Alan Levine presented: “Still Amazing: True Stories of Openness.”


Liza Long, CC BY 4.0

Liza Long presented: “Student Scholars: Publishing Student OER Work.” 


Suzanne Wakim, CC BY

Suzanne Wakim presented: “Evolution of a state-wide OER Initiative”


“Judith Sebesta” by Stephen Sebesta is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Judith Sebesta presented a sing-a-long and presentation: “Deep in the Open Heart of Texas.”


Posted 11 March 2022