Ton Roosendaal, Sintel Producer and head of Blender Institute

Sintel poster by Blender Institute / CC BY Ton Roosendaal is head of the Blender Institute, leader of Blender development, and producer of the recently released 3d short film Sintel, which is released as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Sintel is the Blender Institute’s third “open movie”. Could you describe what “open movie” means to the … Read More “Ton Roosendaal, Sintel Producer and head of Blender Institute”

Dream at 1920×1080 in CC

Elephants Dream, a short film that premiered late March, is now available for download in many formats, including a stunning AVI, MPEG4 (mp42) / AC3 5.1 Surround / HD 1920×1080 encoding. The production files are also downloadable. The film is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. It was created to show off the … Read More “Dream at 1920×1080 in CC”