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النسخة النهائية من الترجمة العربية لرخص المشاع الابداعي متاحة للمشاورة العامة الآن CC4.0

Licenses & Tools

استطاعت منظمة المشاع الابداعي من خلال العمل مع المؤسسات غير الحكومية، الجامعات، الهيئات العامة، و المؤسسات التابعة وأصدقاء المشاع الابداعي في العالم العربي ترك اثر كبير على المجال العام كماً و نوعاً في مختلف القطاعات من التعليم والبحث حتى مجالات الإرث الثقافي, البيانات, التصميم, و المعدات التقنية  كانت السنتين الماضيتين مفعمة بالنشاط و الحيوية خصوصا…

Creative Commons Turkey Joins the CC Affiliate Network


Creative Commons Türkiye Lansmanı (CC BY-SA) Last week, on March 11 2016, Creative Commons Turkey was officially launched during an event at Özyeğin University in Istanbul. Creative Commons is extremely proud and happy to have CC Turkey join the affiliate network, and we want to congratulate the whole team for their efforts over the last…

Open Education Week: 9-13 March 2015

Open Education

Banner by Open Education Consortium / CC BY Open Education Week is an annual convening of the global open education movement to share ideas, new open education projects and to raise awareness about open education and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of…

CC Launches Affiliate Project Grants


Judy van der Velden / CC BY-NC-ND CC is excited to announce the launch of our Affiliate Project Grants. These project grants will be used to support and expand the work of CC’s Global community of volunteers. The goal of the grant program, which is enabled by sponsorship from Google, is to increase the capacity…

Winning poster designs for the Global Summit


The Creative Commons Global Summit Poster Competition has been a huge success, with 38 entries from around the world! We thank each and every one of you who submitted a design and participated in the voting process. Three winning designs were chosen based on popular vote and by a panel of judges from our CC Poland team…

Creative Commons Global Meeting 2011


Downtown Warsaw Skyline by DocentX / CC BY-SA Since the last global meeting of the Creative Commons community in Sapporo, we’ve seen the launch of CC0 and the Public Domain Mark, and a half-dozen more CC affiliate jurisdictions with many more in the works. To celebrate this and many other CC milestones, we are announcing…