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Vital Signs Launches New Site with CC BY as default


Photo by Vital Signs CC BY Yesterday, Vital Signs kicked off their new site with more than 300 supporters, including Maine’s former Governor Angus King, who spearheaded the initiative that resulted in a laptop for every 7th and 8th grader in the state. Vital Signs, a field-based science education program at the Gulf of Maine…

Back to School: What's new at Vital Signs?

Open Education

As students around the world return to school, ccLearn blogs about the evolving education landscape, ongoing projects to improve educational resources, education technology, and the future of education. Browse the “Back to School” tag for more posts in this series. Last year, Sarah Kirn, the Manager of the Vital Signs project at the Gulf of…

Vital Signs on Moving Towards Openness

Open Science

Photo by Petri Tuohimaa for GMRI, CC BY-NC-ND “Sarah on a beach near Portland, Maine looking for two species of invasive marine crabs – Carcinus maenas (European green crab) and Hemigrapsus sanguineus (Asian shore crabs).” In April, I had a chance to meet with Sarah Kirn, Program Manager of Vital Signs, a field and inquiry…