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Open-Source Medical Hardware: What You Should Know and What You Can Do

Open Access, Technology

You’ve heard the stories: engineers 3D printing face shields in their basements; do-it-yourself hobbyists sewing face masks; and fashion designers crafting personal protection gowns.  Globally, people are trying to help fill the medical supply gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through open-source medical hardware. It’s a heartwarming display of global ingenuity, innovation, and collaboration. In this…

CC and the 3D Printing Community

Uncategorized Time-Lapse of a RepRap Printing Interlocking Rings by Jonathan Palecek / CC BY. With the exception of CC0, the Creative Commons licenses are only for granting permissions to use non-software works. The worlds of software and engineering have additional concerns outside of the scope of what is addressed by the CC licenses. 3D printing…