Open licensing guide for foundation staff

Government funders are increasingly adopting open licensing policies for copyrightable works and data they create or commission. Over the last few years we’ve been excited to work with philanthropic foundations to implement similar open licensing policies for their grant-funded and in-house created works. Because there is a limit to the funds available to even the largest foundations, most … Read More “Open licensing guide for foundation staff”

Announcing the Open Policy Network grant-funded projects

Last year Creative Commons and a global coalition of organizations launched the Open Policy Network in order to support the creation, adoption, and implementation of policies that require that publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources. When open licenses are required for publicly funded resources, there is the potential to massively increase access to and … Read More “Announcing the Open Policy Network grant-funded projects”

Ministries of ICT, Education, & UNESCO join to formally launch School of Open Africa

As promised last week, here are the details around the formal launch event for School of Open Africa taking place in Nairobi tomorrow morning. SOO logo here. Earth CC BY by Erin Standley, Noun Project. Our Creative Commons and School of Open volunteers in Kenya, including CC Regional Coordinator Alex Gakuru, are hosting a formal … Read More “Ministries of ICT, Education, & UNESCO join to formally launch School of Open Africa”

Hewlett Foundation extends CC BY policy to all grantees

Last week the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation announced that it is extending its open licensing policy to require that all content (such as reports, videos, white papers) resulting from project grant funds be licensed under the most recent Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. From the Foundation’s blog post: “We’re making this change because … Read More “Hewlett Foundation extends CC BY policy to all grantees”