Aviary's Remix Community

Aviary‘s mission is to “make the world’s creation accessible.” So it makes sense that they’ve baked Creative Commons licensing into their platform of live image editing applications. The site has launched with three distinct tools (with more to come) that help artists create and share fantastic images with the eventual intention of creating a new … Read More “Aviary's Remix Community”

President Elect Barack Obama CC-Licensed Behind the Scenes Photos on Flickr

President-Elect Barack Obama and his staff have been posting photographs to his Flickr photostream since early 2007. Their most recent set from election night offers an amazing behind the scenes look at a historic point in American history. 20081104_Chicago_IL_ElectionNight1032, Barack Obama | CC BY-NC-SA All of the photos are released under a CC BY-NC-SA license, … Read More “President Elect Barack Obama CC-Licensed Behind the Scenes Photos on Flickr”

Creator of 'The Bizarre Cathedral' on CC Licenses

Ryan Cartwright, creator of webcomic The Bizarre Cathedral, recently posted an insightful and thought-provoking piece on why he uses a CC BY-NC-SA license on all Bizarre Cathedral comics. From Cartwright: [B]y restricting some freedom in distribution, it protects greater freedoms for the end-users. This is why I chose CC-BY-NC-SA for the Bizarre Cathedral. BY because … Read More “Creator of 'The Bizarre Cathedral' on CC Licenses”


flickrleech is a great tool for those looking to search a large number of flickr photos at once – by utilizing Flickr’s API, flickrleech is able to display 200 images per page rather than the standard 10. As pointed out by Alvin Trusty, it simply “makes scanning for a picture much quicker.” While flickrleech has … Read More “flickrleech”


Zemanta is an online platform for finding and adding “relevant images, smart links, keywords and text” to blog postings. Available in numerous incarnations (Firefox add-on, WordPress Plugin, etc.), Zemanta queries the text of a blog post against their own “proprietary natural language processing and semantic algorithms” to formulate media recommendations. Images are pooled from Wikimedia … Read More “Zemanta”