Creator of 'The Bizarre Cathedral' on CC Licenses

Ryan Cartwright, creator of webcomic The Bizarre Cathedral, recently posted an insightful and thought-provoking piece on why he uses a CC BY-NC-SA license on all Bizarre Cathedral comics. From Cartwright:

[B]y restricting some freedom in distribution, it protects greater freedoms for the end-users. This is why I chose CC-BY-NC-SA for the Bizarre Cathedral.

  • BY because I want people who receive one cartoon to be able to enjoy the rest here at FSM.
  • SA because I want everyone to enjoy the same access to the strips
  • NC because I want people to enjoy these at no cost. I am paid for creating them, so I want them to be enjoyed at no cost.

Cartwright wrote the piece in response to criticism centered around the argument that his license choice (CC BY-NC-SA) was “non-free.” We’re always interested in this sort of dialogue, so insight like this – as well as insight from those critical of our licenses – is invaluable.

One thought on “Creator of 'The Bizarre Cathedral' on CC Licenses”

  1. Phrasing SA as a restriction comparable to NC is a popular meme but wrong. Cartwright acknowledges as much but then goes back to saying it’s the same as NC.

    That isn’t insight, it’s a tired old canard. SA prevents further restriction, but NC is a further restriction. Where’s the confusion?

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