Announcing new Creative Commons Regional Managers

Jane Park, July 22nd, 2011

Creative Commons is very pleased to announce a new team of Regional Managers to its ranks.

Claudio Ruiz by Joi / CC BY.                                        Carolina Botero by carobotero / CC BY.        Jonas Öberg by Mathias Klang / CC BY-ND.

New hires Jonas Öberg (Europe), Carolina Botero and Claudio Ruiz (Co-Managers, Latin America) will join existing CC staffers Chiaki Hayashi (Asia and the Pacific), Donatella della Ratta (Arab World), Aurelia J. Schultz (Africa), and our new Network Affiliate Coordinator, Jessica Coates, to form a new team dedicated to supporting our affiliate network worldwide.

Creative Commons has affiliate teams operating in over 70 countries, all of whom work to support the CC licenses in their local regions, while at the same time providing valuable expertise and input to CC’s broader work internationally. Many of these teams are volunteers, who undertake CC work because of a strong commitment to sharing and openness.

Adding staff support for our affiliates is part of a broader strategy CC is currently implementing to enhance the role and profile of this affiliate network. The Regional Managers will be dedicated to supporting and working with these local affiliates, while also working together to inform and shape CC’s ongoing development and policy making. They will also be instrumental in planning for our upcoming Global Summit—watch this blog for more news on that soon.

Each Regional Manager is based within their region, or has a strong history working with the region’s community. Several of the managers are long-running country leads drawn from the affiliate network itself. They bring a broad range of experience and expertise to their positions, from experience in private business to academia to experience within other core free culture organizations.

We welcome our Regional Managers on board, and look forward to their contributions to our community.

5 Responses to “Announcing new Creative Commons Regional Managers”

  1. Is this Jonas Öberg the same Jonas Öberg of ?
    I think not. I don’t find any trace of Creative Commons license on that blog.

  2. Jane Park says:

    Simone, they are the same guy. Though I think he recently changed the layout of his site.

  3. It seems like there is a full-copyright owned by a commercial company.
    Not a good start for a CC community manager, IMHO.

  4. Hi Simone,

    The (c) you see on Jonas’ site is obviously for/from the site theme he’s using, not for the content.

    (Side note/pet peeve: 99% of third party themes are cheesy, and theme developer adding their own (c) notice is one of the ways in which they are cheesy.)

    Anyway, I’ll point Jonas to this discussion.


  5. Jonas Öberg says:

    Hi Simone,

    Thank you for the notice! As Jane and Mike has suggested, it was indeed an issue with the theme, and I fully agree with Mike on this on. It was never the intention that the copyright notice of the theme should encompass the entire site! I’ve updated this to reflect the actual situation.