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النسخة النهائية من الترجمة العربية لرخص المشاع الابداعي متاحة للمشاورة العامة الآن CC4.0

Licenses & Tools

استطاعت منظمة المشاع الابداعي من خلال العمل مع المؤسسات غير الحكومية، الجامعات، الهيئات العامة، و المؤسسات التابعة وأصدقاء المشاع الابداعي في العالم العربي ترك اثر كبير على المجال العام كماً و نوعاً في مختلف القطاعات من التعليم والبحث حتى مجالات الإرث الثقافي, البيانات, التصميم, و المعدات التقنية  كانت السنتين الماضيتين مفعمة بالنشاط و الحيوية خصوصا…

Creative Commons Turkey Joins the CC Affiliate Network


Creative Commons Türkiye Lansmanı (CC BY-SA) Last week, on March 11 2016, Creative Commons Turkey was officially launched during an event at Özyeğin University in Istanbul. Creative Commons is extremely proud and happy to have CC Turkey join the affiliate network, and we want to congratulate the whole team for their efforts over the last…

Welcome CC United States affiliate team


By U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Dennis Cantrell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. We’re happy to welcome the CC United States (CC US) affiliate to the Creative Commons family. The hub for CC US will be located at the American University Washington College of Law’s Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property…

European Regional Meeting at OKFestival


Creative Commons Europe Regional Meeting in Helsinki / Kristina Alexanderson / CC BY In September, a number of CC’s European affiliates congregated at the Open Knowledge Festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland, for a regional meeting. Held as a side event over one day of the festival, the meeting was attended by representatives of our…

Re-launch of Creative Commons Canada


flag flap / Spatial Mongrel / CC BY Today we’re pleased to announce that Athabasca University, BCcampus, and the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic have joined together to re-establish a CC affiliate team in Canada. All three organizations will take part in the official relaunch at the Creative Commons Salon Ottawa: Open…

Announcing new CC Board Member Brian Fitzgerald

About CC

Creative Commons is delighted to announce the appointment of Prof. Brian Fitzgerald as a new Director of the corporation and member of the Board. Brian Fitzgerald by Joi Ito / CC BY Many of you may be familiar with Brian, who has been the legal lead of CC Australia since 2004 and has made an…

Announcing the Creative Commons Global Summit!


We are thrilled to announce the 2011 Creative Commons Global Summit, now open for registration! The Creative Commons Global Summit will take place over three full days from September 16-18 in Warsaw, Poland, and is generously hosted by our affiliates at CC Poland. The theme of this year’s Summit is “Powering an Open Future.” As…

Announcing new Creative Commons Regional Managers


Creative Commons is very pleased to announce a new team of Regional Managers to its ranks. Claudio Ruiz by Joi / CC BY.                                        Carolina Botero by carobotero / CC BY.        Jonas Öberg by Mathias Klang / CC BY-ND. New hires Jonas Öberg (Europe), Carolina Botero and Claudio Ruiz (Co-Managers, Latin America) will join existing CC…

Creative Commons Global Meeting 2011


Downtown Warsaw Skyline by DocentX / CC BY-SA Since the last global meeting of the Creative Commons community in Sapporo, we’ve seen the launch of CC0 and the Public Domain Mark, and a half-dozen more CC affiliate jurisdictions with many more in the works. To celebrate this and many other CC milestones, we are announcing…