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To build upon


When we launched version 3.0 of the CC licenses February 23 we also switched on a number of graphical, language, and technical updates. This is the first of a very tardy series of posts about those updates.

Creative Commons license deeds are the “human readable” explanation of the “lawyer readable” licenses (e.g., see the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 deed and Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 legalcode) and have always (see Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 as captured by the Internet Archive in 2003) used icons to represent the requirements and prohibitions associated with a license.

Coinciding with 3.0 we’ve started using icons to call out the freedoms granted with a license:

The “remix” building blocks icon is derived from the logo:

Thanks for the great idea! is “an international student movement for free culture” and a great way to get involved. Check out their suggestions ranging from 5 minute projects to starting your own chapter.

We’ve featured events a number of times on this blog, including a recent Creative Commons art show by Free Culture Florida.

Posted 05 April 2007