CC Romania Promotes Creativity with Localized Licenses

Creators in Romania now have the option to license their creative works under one of the six Creative Commons licenses tailored to Romanian law. The Creative Commons team in Romania, led by Bogdan Manolea and Stefan Gavrilescu and supported by the Association for Technology and Internet, carried out the porting process and public discussion with local and international legal experts and in consultation with Creative Commons International.

Romania” by robynejay with works from artists listed at | CC BY NC SA

The Romanian licenses will be launched in Bucharest on September 2 at 1600 during an event hosted by the Center for Independent Journalism. Speaking at the event are Razvan Rusu from Travka, the first Romanian band to license their entire album under a CC license; Ioana Avadani from the Center for Independent Journalism; and Florin Grozea from the popular Romanian band Hi-Q.

Read more in our press release (in English and Romanian).

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  1. HI.
    My name is Carsten Mariager Edslev and I live in a town
    called ‘Århus’ in Denmark. Excuse for my use of the
    english language course the same reason.

    I am a creative multi-person and want to get a license
    through ‘Creative Commons’ based upon non-kommerciel rights.
    But I don’t know the procedure ore who to contact ? The li-
    cense is to use for a music-koncept that I am working at. I will be very satisfired if one that reads this are able to help me . Kindly Regards from Denmark, CARSTEN.

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