FrostWire's Creative Commons Focus

legacy_screengrabFrostWire has been quietly promoting Creative Commons licensed musicians and content on the front page of their Bit Torrent and Gnutella client for quite a while now. Previous featured CC artists include ESPSIX, Mike Falzone, and CC veteran Brad Sucks.

Today the team announced that another up and coming artist, Danny “Legacy” Mcbride, is releasing his new album under our Attribution-NoDerivatives license so he can be featured on FrostWire. This was a smart choice for Legacy (and all of the highlighted musicians) as FrostWire boasts millions of active users which helps them garner substantial exposure they might not otherwise would have received.

Kudos to FrostWire for taking the proactive step of encouraging legal filesharing with CC in an otherwise murky climate. Check out the FrostClick blog for more featured artists and downloads.

4 thoughts on “FrostWire's Creative Commons Focus”

  1. I agree, Kudos to Frostwire – but unfortunately, one big reason for choosing Frostwire for me is that I cannot use Torrents.

    The LEGACY link results in me being informed that I cannot download torrents.


    Why can’t the file be available for http or gnutella downloading?

  2. Fast forward to 2013, our initiatives have distributed so far over 5 million creative commons album copies world wide, and @BEN, we now fully support BitTorrent and some forms of HTTP downloads (via and

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