Ridley Scott to Use BY-SA for Blade Runner Web Series

Blade Runner
Yes, you read that correctly. Ridley Scott, the famed SciFi director of the classic Blade Runner will be producing a new web series based on the film released under our free copyleft license. The series is initially slated for web release with the possibility of television syndication and will be a project by Ag8.

Read more about the project at the New York Times, on Ag8’s Purefold page, or join up on the FriendFeed discussion.

4 thoughts on “Ridley Scott to Use BY-SA for Blade Runner Web Series”

  1. Wow! This might be Free Culture finally going mainstream and thanks to the BY-SA a chance for Free Culture professionals to work on commercial remixes of this series!

  2. BY-SA is rapidly becoming the license of choice for creators migrating from a traditional proprietary culture career; interesting. I do wonder how much of a deterrent to derivative works SA is in practise though.

  3. Josef, the aspect of derivatives must be viewed from a commercial advantage; consider the ‘market’ that Star Wars created through the movie’s characters. Purefold looks to make that type of market commercially open with the BY-SA 3 licence. It promotes the creatives, develops narratives, supports invention and innovation. I’ll be posting about this a lot at Purefold.com.

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