Software Freedom Day is September 19th

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It should be no surprise that here at CC, we’re huge fans of Free Software. Every bit we release, from our JS Widget to the code running the CC Network itself to our Facebook Application is free software. That’s why we think its important to celebrate Software Freedom Day on Saturday, September 19th. There are numerous celebrations happening around the world, but I”ll be attending the one in NYC:

6pm to 10pm.
148 Lafayette St, 12th Floor.
New York, NY

If you’d like to attend the NYC event, please RSVP required to joshlevy.ny AT gmail. Have a great Software Freedom Day!

2 thoughts on “Software Freedom Day is September 19th”

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to alert you to the typo in the above area. It says Software Feedom day is September 19th… funny how it sounds like something to do with paying a fee…

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