New CC-Licensed Feature Length Films from Sweden & Italy

nopCreating a feature films is a massive undertaking, and it is for this reason that we’re always so impressed to hear of film makers using CC licenses. Two recent examples are Nasty Old People from Swedish director Hanna Sköld and Torno Subito from Italian Simone Damianiunder.

“Nasty Old People” was released under our Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license and Torno Subito is available under our Attribution-Noncommercial license. What’s great about these licenses is that they both allow and encourage legal sharing and remixing as methods for promotion and encouraging fan engagement. The results are already beginning to appear: fans of Nasty Old People have raised donations amounting to 10% of the film’s loaned budget, and they’ve also created a Portugese translation of the film’s subtitles.

Over the years, there have been a number of CC-licensed feature films released, and we do our best to keep up with them all on our film wiki page, but please add to the wiki if you come across something we’ve missed.

3 thoughts on “New CC-Licensed Feature Length Films from Sweden & Italy”

  1. Dear Cameron,

    Really thank you for your post!

    I would only to tell you that my name is: Simone Damiani 🙂

    Thank you also for fixing the small mistake 🙂



  2. What the hell does “commercial purposes” mean, define what the hell you are talking about before you post footage that nobody knows what the fuck they can use it for. Does that mean can’t use in advertising or corporations for many thousands of dollars but I can use for an independent documentary on my uncle who is paying me around $1000 only for a few months works and it isn’t going to be broadcast? What? WHAT DOES IT MEAN????? How about if I do so good a job that some station in 5 or 10 years wants to actually broadcast my documentary? Then what??? Can it only be then broadcast if I refuse to accept one penny for anything?

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