School of Open: "Writing Wikipedia Articles" Course Now Open for Registration

Jane Park

Below, Sara Frank Bristow invites you to join “Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics & Beyond”. Sara is a co-organizer of the course and a member of WikiProject Open. Both projects are part of the School of Open.

The School of Open will offer its popular “Writing Wikipedia Articles” course (WIKISOO) starting 25 February, 2014. This free introductory online course, now in its fourth incarnation, runs for six weeks. Enrollment is open to all.


WIKISOO Burba Badge

WIKISOO students learn about the values and culture that have driven hundreds of thousands of volunteers to build Wikipedia. Through their work in the course, they join an effort that has generated millions of free articles in hundreds of languages since 2001.The course covers the technical skills needed to edit articles, and also offers practical insights into the site’s collaborative norms and social dynamics. Students graduate with a sophisticated understanding of how to use Wikipedia both as a reader and as an active participant.

The course focuses on articles about openness in education: open educational resources (OER), MOOCs, Creative Commons licenses and more. Students will forge connections with WikiProject Open, a community of volunteers focused on this topic area. Upon successful completion, students earn the WIKISOO Burba Badge.

The course is sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the University of Mississippi. Course instructors are:

  • Pete Forsyth, Wikipedia trainer & consultant (Wiki Strategies)
  • Sara Frank Bristow, OER and online education researcher (Salient Research)
  • Dr. Robert Cummings, Associate Professor (University of Mississippi)

Course registration is now open!

6 thoughts on “School of Open: "Writing Wikipedia Articles" Course Now Open for Registration”

  1. Question: the wiki at the below URL has contradictory advisement on class dates. Can it be clarified if classes will be held on Tuesdays (per opening paragrph) or Thursdays (as the second paragraph states)?

    “The course will begin Tuesday, February 18. (7:00pm to 9:30pm Tuesdays, Central Standard time:
    “We have online class sessions once a week, for 2.5 hours. (Thursday evening in the Americas; Friday morning in Australia/Asia)”


  2. Hello and good morning to you. I’d love to learn more about writing for wiki. I’m an English language trainer and I’d love to collaborate with you. Please let me know how I can go about doing this.

    Kind regards.

  3. Stephen, sorry for the discrepancy — that was a vestige of an early confusion! Fixed on the site now. The course will begin Thursday 25 February (Americas) / Wednesday 26 February (Australia/Asia).

    Joseph, please feel free to contact me directly at !

  4. I have edited Wiki page before, and was very pleased about it; It was very touching the trust that the creators have given back to people, thereby showing that people understand true work, and working togather for the benefit of the world., and unearthing the too often hidden natural and effortless goodness of people. I am not now able to relocate that page; and neither did one get a flash from Wiki . It is perhaps not necessary for the flash, just for my own comfort and peace of mind. I would like to take the Course. I am an all rounder with little passion for anything, save for working together and becoming better as one. Have experience in education among other things, and have studied [and still study] broadly, including current politics of the globe. Doing some interactive learning with the Open Uni and Partners, presently. Kindest regards,

  5. Hello, do I need to enroll if I am going to take the self-paced course? I would like some way to show that I have completed the course. Thanks!

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